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I thank you and your staff for the opportunity in helping me get my wheels. What became a challenge seeking journey. I personally found that Markham KIA was a great match for me.

1. The distance is certainly worth the trip to Markham KIA

2.The staff has made the entire car shopping experience for me a sure fun and memorable venture.

3.From the greeting at the front door to the selection process and then waiting process in a friendly environment left a positive impact for sure.

4. Great customer Service and phone etiquette

5. Efficient and thorough Service Department

6.Great waiting and sitting area with a TV, coffee and plugins for my phone or laptop while we wait

7. Genuine sales staff that make you feel like you are special without pressure to purchase a car

8. Great staff camaraderie overall

9. I love my car and my CD player that plays My music of choice in My Car

10. I love the freedom my car gives me to travel, to sing in it to the top of my lungs if I feel like it, to offer a ride , to impress my clients as they ride in my car, (they love it too) Its classy, and its special cause my Dad loves it too.

After many dealership visits and an exhausting experience I feel the Markham KiA has left a lasting impression overall and a relationship has been established. I recommend anyone to make the Markham KIA a venture a possibility for many happy days in your own car.

To the Dealership ,may your efforts be worth it and your success exceed your expectations. You have something special that makes you unique. Cherish it !!!

Kind Regards and special Blessings to you all.

Darla loves her wheels 🙂

The Christmas greeting is for you and your family. Enjoy 🙂


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